George Clooney adopted a direct vote

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George Clooney adopted a direct vote. He does not want to silence the long-duration issues that prospective mother-in-law opposed her marriage. Especially when there are sources not named had made in the Daily Mail that the mother of his beloved Charity Alamuddin cannot agree on their wedding plans because of problems of trust. In the Daily Mail article mentioned that the mother of Charity has been said to half the residents of Beirut that he opposed the marriage of Clooney. Because if the charity and Clooney were married, it was opposed to the Druze religious traditions ultimately will end up with the death of the bride. In response to the serious allegations, winner of two Oscar it gives trophies to rebuttal by mentioning toko online jual sepatu kulit surabaya the Daily Mail CITES at length. "That story is not true. First mother Charity are not the followers of the Druze. And he no longer lives in Beirut since I was dating and charity, "he explained. George Clooney and charity, her fiancé. Clooney himself claimed to have used to target issues like this. Therefore he is not too damn. He will not be neglected their everything, "if they make the story about the pregnant Middle Charity, or we will get married in Downton Abbey, I will not mempedulikannya," he said. Despite the fact he never cares about this sort of issue, Clooney decided to oppose the issue about the latter. Because these issues have addressed religious differences in a way that is not responsible. "In the present is not very responsible to address issues of religious differences which are making this up. This is very dangerous. We have family members around the world, I let the newspaper will not be trying to ruin it for the sake of profit. It's criminal, "he said. With the moment of marriage which is the closer, this kind of issue is indeed very troubling. Keep the spirit, Clooney.

A few moments before kick-off the final World Cup 2014,


A few moments before kick-off the final World Cup 2014, summer trophy champion will be handed on the authorities by a representative team who won the champion. This time, FIFA has appointed former Barcelona defender Carles Puyol, to get the honor, after four years ago he participated in the Spain squad which won in South Africa. But Barca would not be alone. He was accompanied by a beautiful model from Brazil, Gisele Bundchen, who also became a brand ambassador for Louis toko online jual sepatu kulit terunik Vuitton, the world's leading fashion brands, which also provide a special storage boxes for the World Cup trophy. The celebrity Duo, it is definitely going to hit the final action this weekend, which would be held at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. The trophy itself was contested by the two finalists came from two different continents, Argentina and Germany.

Louis van Gaal recalled that the third place play-off match


Louis van Gaal recalled that the third place play-off match at the World Cup is the one game that does not need to be held. Netherlands, Van Gaal's team, are required to play the match against host Brazil this weekend, after they lost to Argentina in the semifinals early Sunday. But according to Van Gaal, third place is a tribute that is not too important. "This should never toko online jual sepatu kulit terbaru have the match can be played, I've been saying this for 10 years. We're just going to play the game are nice, but it's also a little unfair because we just have little time to recover, "said Van Gaal on ESPN. "If you lose two times later, you'll go home as losers and although we played well throughout the tournament. You're not supposed to play the match for the third or fourth, because there is only one title is important and it is to be a world champion, "pungkasnya.

As many as seven District of Yahukimo Regency,


As many as seven District of Yahukimo Regency, Papua, individuals reportedly voted on Thursday following the logistics of presidential election was successfully sent into the area. Yahukimo AKBP Kapolres Ade Jaja, Thursday morning say, logistics for seven districts that had flown from the CDT, at 06 friendly due to weather. "Four fleet consisting of three helicopters and one cessna was flying carrying logistics," said Forsberg, as quoted from Between, Thursday (10/7). The seventh toko online jual sepatu kulit termurah district, said the new implementing pencoblosan, the Distri Sela, Kalamdua, Koluan, Soloikma, Kayo, Duren and Korupun Districts. Terlambatnya implementation of the pencoblosan in addition due to unfriendly weather too because there are forms that are late to arrive. "Members of the national police was forced to help to solve all the tasks that actually it's a task smoothen the operations of the ELECTION COMMISSION, however, for the sake of the Democratic Party so that members who are deployed," pungkasnya.

Head coach Louis van Gaal,


Head coach Louis van Gaal, Netherlands, indicated that he did not teach the special exercises on Sergio Romero to stop a penalty, when the two worked together at AZ Alkmaar. Romero so mighty Argentina when he makes two rescues in the penalty shootout against De Oranje, which makes the Albiceleste advanced to the World Cup finals for the toko online jual sepatu kulit terbaik first time in 24 years. "I don't teach Romero to stop a penalty," said Van Gaal on ESPN FC. "We are there at the club who brought him to Europe, because he's got a great talent. He is the only person entitled to full credit for such action, "pungkasnya. Argentina will face Germany in the World Cup final matches this weekend.

Deddy Mizwar actor ever cast as Sunan Kalijaga in a movie called Sunan Kalijaga


1.      Deddy Mizwar actor ever cast as Sunan Kalijaga in a movie called Sunan Kalijaga (1983). That Film led him to acquire Citra FFI in 1984. Therefore, when it is believed Sunan Kalijaga in soap opera cast Information broadcast on TPI, Deddy Mizwar Chalik David takes as a reference. "If I'm Deddy Mizwar bang characters ngelihat so a reference," said David Chalik Studio Alam TVRI, Depok, West Java, Monday (7/7). David Chalik toko online jual sepatu kulit murah Despite being a reference, David didn't want to Sunan Kalijaga is exactly the same with version diperankannya Deddy Mizwar. "The definition of Sunan Kalijaga have different interpretations, especially of time so Raden Said, Sunan Kalijaga youthful. Her more as a person of taste, sensitive, "he said. "He is the son of a rich man, dont hold the view of people around, she ngerampok with a powerful reason. Sensitive to the fate of others and unfortunately the same mother, "he said.
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